16/04/2021 Off By Andy Ptyushkin

The Pinkie is the pupae of the Small Green Bottle Fly (Lucilia sericata). It is produced in the same way as other maggots. Up to 20 eggs are laid in wounds or cuts on decaying meat, fish, poultry or other animal or bird. Pale yellow or greyish-white larvae hatch in between a few hours to three days, and begin feeding on the decomposing animal matter they were hatched in, turning a pinkish colour as they feed. They are fully grown in two to ten days when they will seek soil in which they will burrow to pupate. The adults then emerge to mate, thus beginning the cycle again.

The maggots of the Small Green Bottle Fly are known to consume dead tissue while leaving live tissue intact and have been sold for use in maggot therapy. Nothing to do with fishing but just thought we would mention it.

The cleaning and keeping of Pinkies is similar to maggots. When you buy your pinkies from a fishing tackle shop they may already be cleaned and will usually be sold in sawdust, maize flour or other such media. If they have not been cleaned do this yourself by first riddling them to get rid of any skins and dead pinkies. Then put them in a container and add some clean dry bran. Bran is best but you can use maize flour, this keeps them softer than sawdust. Now put a lid on the container and put them into a fridge at a low temperature (1°C – 2°C) until you are ready to use them. Pinkies can be kept for weeks and they stay active longer than maggots. On the day of your fishing trip just check to see if they need another riddle.

Pinkies are even better escapees than maggots so do not let them get wet. Pinkies are notorious for escaping when they get damp or wet and they can and will climb vertically up the sides of containers or bait boxes.

As with maggots, you can flavour Pinkies to give them an added fish attractant but with pinkies use a powder. The powdered flavouring can be added to the bran before you put the pinkies in the fridge or added on the bankside at the time of fishing but add the flavouring about 20 minutes before use to allow the pinkies body time to absorb the flavouring. If you have a large number of pinkies split them up into smaller containers because as they crawl over each other they can get hot and sweat and you may find if there is even the slightest gap in the container you have pinkies all over the place. A large number of pinkies in one tub could generate so much heat that they will die.

The Pinkie is mainly used for smaller fish due to its size. When fishing Pinkie use singularly or double on a fine wired hook size of 20 – 24. The Pinkie is an ideal bait when bites are hard to come by especially on the cold days in winter. When float fishing with Pinkie on the hook feed Squats in a fine sloppy ground bait. Pinkies can also be used as loose feed.